Where the Rice Grows in Bali

Rice Terraces. Paddy Fields. Their postcard perfect feel are like a synonym for the Island of Bali. Call me crazy, but these beautiful carved stairways to heaven are probably the number one reason  why I really really wanted to visit Bali for about three years. I don’t know why, I really don’t know why looking at this unnatural natureal beauty is so incredibly soothing and calming. Maybe even more relaxing than a massage or a scented bath. 

Bali was a dream. This whole week just was perfect in every sense. And I have so much to share with you Guys! SO many pictures, SO many monkeys and SO many thoughts. I am pretty much head over heals for Bali, maybe whole Indonesia, ok let’s be honest, maybe just with whole of Asia. My wanderlust really woke up over this last week. Even if the end wasn’t as smooth as I hoped for (14 hours delay in total) but it still was all worth it. All that trouble of flying on the other side of the world just to see how a different culture grows one of their main foods. 

The Tegallalang Rice Terraces are probably one of the biggest tourist attractions of Bali, they are absolutely Instagram famous and are on the top of each Bali-visitors to-do list. I was so looking forward to seeing them. 
And the minute we arrived my mouth and my eyes were wide open. And didn’t close again. I was overwhelmed by the prettiest deepest shade of green, the palm trees in between and the thought that centuries ago people thought about carving stairs into the mountains to create the best way to grow rice. Even our tour guide, who probably already saw these a hundred times snapped a quick picture, because after all those times, he still isn’t used to the magical feeling you get while being there. 

They are so beautiful, they thankfully made it on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural hertiage. And I can just tell you, they were so right. I literally can’t stop crushing over the dramatic landscape and already googled other similar paddy fields all over the world. (Found a really amazing one in the Philippines!) 

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