Venice in Winter

My last trip in 2016 was probably one of my favourites. Besides the fact that I was still sick and that it was freezing cold most of the time, Venice in Winter is absolutely stunning. Ok I think, Venice is an all-year-round stunner, but in Winter, you can actually see all those amazing little details and you are not blinded by at least 345 other tourists blocking your view. 

Yes, Venice may be the most visited city in the world, at least compared to its space. I am pretty sure that there are more tourists than inhabitants living in that tiny water-place (have to do some research). But the best thing about visiting Venice during the less crowded time is that you can actually enjoy the time, you can enjoy the restaurants, enjoy walking over bridges and bridges, enjoy looking at the gondolas and - most important - you can enjoy the smell of the sea… which by the way has the most extraordinary colour in those little canals you can imagine. Sometimes the deepest and clearest blue, sometimes a light green you can't stop looking at, but most of the time any wonderful shade in between you can imagine. 

Anyway, Venice is one of the cities, where you just can't stop starring and breathing in the beauty around you. Something, we all should do a little more often and something that’s definitely on top of my New Year’s resolutions list: appreciating the beauty around me more or, even more important, finding it for a beginning. 

Outfit-wise it was quite easy, fringed jeans, who are kind of out, but I still kind of love them so I just won't stop wearing them, a white button down shirt and Converse. But then, we also have the more special things like my new puffy down jacket (must-have of the cold-season), my snake baby and my second snake baby, which was waiting for me under the Christmas tree, the Gucci silk scarf. 

I was wearing: 

ZARA Puffer Jacket / ZARA White Shirt / BERSHKA Fringed Jeans / GUCCI Scarf / GUCCI Snake Bag / CONVERSE Trainers