Vacation Edit: Sylter Liebe

Sylt, August 2017

For the third time now, Sylt is my little paradise where I am finally able to breath again. It's nature, climate and just the whole vibe, helps mo to let loose of all the stress that builds up in the months before. 

Beside that, Sylt is probably one of the most picturesque Islands in Europe. I mean, there are quite a few, Ibiza, Mallorca, all of Greece, but non of them is like this little flat Island up in the north of Germany. This time I was lucky enough to have one of my best friends with me, my travel companion and partner-in-crime for life! The same girl that travelled with me to Paris, Cologne, Italy, Amsterdam, London and soon, will be going with me on one of our biggest adventures yet! 

Below you can find quite a few of my favourite shots over the six days I spend in Salt. There were all shot on my (or others) iPhones, so sorry for the bad quality on some of them. Still, these images reflect my time there the best, they are my little Diary.