Speak Up - Statement Tee and Check

Even though I should finish the posts on fashion month, today we have a more important topic to talk about. It's one of these special days with it's own hashtag and also it's one of the few days that actually deserves it. Today, every year on  March 8th, we celebrate International Woman's Day, originally called Working Women's Day. And that because, today, nearly hundred years ago, a few very brave women in Russia started a female revolution, the revolution that opens all the doors for us women in the world. Since then, it's an official holiday in Russia. 

Some years later the idea also came to other countries like the US, Europe and even Asia. And right now, in complicated times like these, the International Women's Day 2017 will be even more important. 

The female voice is a late one, for centuries we weren't heard until we finally started fighting for our rights. Today we are politicians, CEOs, presidents and even Queens of our own countries. The world changes, each day women are getting more and more important. However, there are coming stronger voices against this movement, voices who are accidentally belonging to some of the most powerful people on this world and who are publicly speaking out to send women back to their kitchens, kids and how to best body shame them.  

I myself, normally avoiding to speak political on my blog, because I see it as a space for fashion and inspirational topics, feel like there is a need for every women to fight harder, to fight for daughters, grandchildren, nieces and who ever else is coming after us, including ourselves. We have to speak up together, hold together and fight together for our rights, not only women's rights, but human rights. 

For that cause, I created this very political look. Not only my tee is transporting one of the strongest statements in fashion, also the little white bandana around my wrist tells a story. It was BOF (Business of Fashion) who recently launched the #TiedTogether Campaign, featuring white bandanas tied round wrists, necks, bags or wherever else you are able to tie something around. It's a fashion symbol for unity, no matter what your gender is, where you are from, your race or whatsoever. We are all in this together, all in this one big world where everyone should be treated with the same respect and fairness. 

So my loves, I really do hope you all believe in your Female Energy, because we are the voice of this generation, we are the next group of world leaders and we are going to RUN THIS WORLD


#SupportTheGirls         #TiedTogether


I was wearing:

DOROTHEE SCHUMACHER Statement Tee / MANGO Coat / H&M Jeans / ASOS Bandana / MARC B Bag / QUAY Sunglasses