Silky Top and Snow

The history of silk goes back about thousands of years. There have been wars, intrigues, mad ex-lovers and soldiers, who fought for the right to wear this wonderful silky textile. It's one of the most exquisite things to have, but right now, it's also big fashion statement. Nightgown-like dresses and shirts are probably one of the best things you can get your hands on right now, even better when there is a little piece of lace added.

This one here is a bit more minimalistic and it’s actually a dress, not a shirt, but with a little help of my all-time favourite, the half tuck, it is easily transformed into a cute little shirt. I got it from Stylewe, but it's sadly already sold out. But I am sure, with a little luck you can easily find some like these.

I was wearing:

CHARSU Champagne Silk Dress from STYLEWE / ASOS Jeans / SAINT LAURENT Sneakers