Restaurant Tip: Scrambled Heaven in London

Granger, Granger, Granger. I've long planned writing about this cute little spot, even if it seems to be quite unnecessary. Granger&Co, or at least, one of the three Granger&Co's in London, are already one of the hottest breakfast places in London. But still, since I am there so often and my friends already joking about me going there, I had the feeling that I too had to leave my own post in the wide sea of Granger blog posts.

The hype about Granger started probably some years ago, to be honest, I don't know a lot about the historical aspect. I started walking past this pretty location in London quite some while ago and always wondered who would be waiting in line for some weird Aussie restaurant, no matter what the weather was like. I never intended on going, for me it was one of those London secrets, which I wasn´t daring to experience. But then, my life changed completely on 4th of April last year. (Yes I do remember the exact date). My mom and I were wandering around for breakfast and well, we just tried it at Granger`s. And since then, Granger is literally my number one go-to place, not just in London, I guess pretty much worldwide.

The secret of it's succsess seems to be pretty easy. Amazing Food. And with Amazing Food I mean Amazing Breakfast. And with Amazing Breakfast, well... I mean THE WORLD'S BEST Scrambled Eggs. No exaggeration, no joke, just taste. And let me tell you, I went back and back because I couldn't believe how a dish that simple, like stupid scrambled eggs can change someone's life so profoundly.

So you'll find me here, writing a seriously long article about them, and yes Guys, I am a bit worried too, that I might loose my head over scrambled eggs. I go there so often, that I actually am a bit offended when someone wants to have breakfast somewhere else in London, because for what reason? Why go somewhere you do not have an idea about what you will be served and not just go again to this wonderful heaven of scrambled eggs. Heaven's not blue, it's light yellow....

Ok Guys, joking aside, actually all Granger food is pretty amazing. Fresh, healthy, full of proteins and vegetables and everything is tasting delicious. No idea what the Aussies are doing, but they are doing it right and I will definitely return and try a few other things of their menu. And whenever you might come around to visit Granger, plan to wait in line in front of the restaurant for at least 15 minutes, because this is London's worst kept secret.

Granger & Co
175 Westbourne Grove, W11 2SB