Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali

If you don’t like Baby Monkeys you should immediately click on a different post or maybe even blog or well why not even a different universe because not liking Baby Monkeys you are definitely wrong here. The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud might be the best part of Ubud itself. You see, there are the rice terraces, the waterfalls, the temples, but nothing of these terrific sights actually tops a one or two weeks old Baby Monkey climbing up your jeans or sucking on your finger.

They are the cutest thing on this world. But not just the adorable little ones, absolutely everything about this place is just magical and puts a huge smile on your face. It’s so fantastic my aunt and I not just went there once, also not just twice, no we went there three days in a row, each time with more bananas in our handbags and each time it was harder to leave again.
And in the end, you will always want to come back, even if there is no time left for feeding another 50 little monkeys.

The Forest is at the end of a very long road of Ubud with tons of little amazing shops, but also tons of weird touristic shops, we all don’t really like and just go in between them because they have the best AC. By the way, it’s not hot in the Forest itself, and saying not hot, I don’t mean dying of not being able to breathe kinda hot, but well, it still has around 30 degrees, just with a lot more shady trees..

But more about the Monkeys! I highly recommend to plan at least the double amount of time you think you should for these little fellas. The entrance is quite cheap, it’s 50.000 per person (around 3,50 euros / 3 pounds) and after this you should probably also buy some bananas. But be wise with them, hide them immediately in a bag you are able to close (no jute bags my loves, they will be torn apart and searched in a second) and then take a first walk. The space is huge, with wonderful bridges everywhere, little forest walks and god knows just everything a monkey could dream of.
After that, you can start finding your place, I recommend a bit deeper inside of the forest, with not too many other visitors but still close enough to one of the feeding places so enough monkeys will see you. Our favourite spot was the atrium, with a lot of benches and more relaxed monkeys.
The best tip is to ask one of the really nice keepers for help when you want to feed them your bananas, especially the first one. They will help you to keep them under control when suddenly a bunch of them starts climbing all over you.

And then, have fun, enjoy! Sit down, the longer you sit somewhere, the more the monkeys will accept you and just casually walk by, have a look at your bags, try to eat them, see what you are hiding under your clothes and just take a seat on your lap.
But bare in mind that not all monkeys are always cute and nice, some of them can get really aggressive and might even try to actually steal stuff from you (like all my wonderful fresh fruits I wanted to bring home to London). After all, they are wild animals belonging to the jungle, and no pets.
Also, even though my pictures are not the best example, never touch a monkey from of your self, and definitely never a Baby Monkey. They are unpredictable, and their mothers are very very protective so always keep an eye open. But also the Baby Monkeys are very curious, so if you sit long enough near them, they might come and check you out.
And the most important? Always have your camera ready, because, there can’t be enough pictures of Baby Monkeys.