Laziness in Vienna

Vienna, my Love. Spending a few days in my home town was definitely necessary, even though, it wasn't all pleasure. For people who have seen my sad Snapchat Story, you already know what I am talking about, for anyone else, let me tell you, it's not fun getting one and a half wisdom teeth removed. And yes, one and a half, he tried everything he could to make it to two, but the second one has to wait till Easter. 

Anyway, since I spent most of my week with cooling ice on my cheek, I was quite lazy when it came to get dressed (we are talking pyjamas for three full days). Jeans, sneakers, leather jacket are probably the easiest go-to right now. And the perfect add on? This beautiful handbag, gifted by the wonderful Marc B. Team. 

It's the perfect city bag: chic, black, rocking details and so much space! And one of the best parts? It's leopard patterned inside, which finally helps you to find some of the stuff in your bag again. 

I was wearing:

MARC B Bag - Find here
ALL SAINTS Leather Jacket / LEE Jeans / H&M Sweater / SAINT LAURENT Shoes