Jewelry Edit: Earrings

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Back in August, on a very hot and sticky day in Vienna, just a few days before I moved in London and flew of to New York, I finally fulfilled one of my childhood dreams: I got my ears pierced. 
I know. I know, this sounds like the weirdest thing ever, I mean who doesn't have at least a few wholes in dear ears anyway, but for me it was still a big deal. And even bigger it the fact, that from now on I am finally allowed to wear heavier, hanging ones. 

So of course, I had to storm off immediately and get some of those beautiful ones sided huge crystal earrings and try them out. And what a strange feeling I can tell you. But in so many good ways. I love the earring-life! I'm not that big of a jewelry girl itself, but earring are the perfect way of wearing something little every day. 

Below I collected my favorite earrings I found so far, they are all real jewelry, since I already realized that I am allergic to stuff from the high street and they need to be gold or silver pleated at least. Maybe there is even something for christmas in this little list...?

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