Restaurant Tip: Ice Q in top of the Mountain


Mountains, Snow, Skiing. All these three things are like engraved in the DNA of every real Austrian soul, it's like we can't survive without them. Or at least, that's what I like to fancy, since I pretty much feel like this the whole time.

I truly can't imagine a winter without driving up one of the tight and curvy mountain streets to a small cozy family hotel, putting on my skis and rushing down the mountain again. But sadly, since I am living in London, skiing isn't on my yearly to-do list anymore. Moving to a country, without any serious mountains, or even worst, without any snow, probably wasn't the best decision as regards of winter sports (but well, everyting else is way better in London, so who cares).

So for Christmas, I just had one big wish: 24 hours of mountains. And I got them. My Mom and I drove to one of the most famous little mountain villages and went up to 3000 meters to have lunch with some view. And what I view, I can tell you.

The Ice Q is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. And it is absolutly heart breaking that it's a restaurant only and not a hotel. It got really famous world-wide, when a few years ago, James Bond, aka Daniel Craig, visited it as a part of the movie set of Spectre: the film crew transformed the beautiful restaurant into a clinic high above everything else in the world.

The food was obiously amazing. We had soups and a  risotto and a pasta dish, both of them with freshly grated  truffels on top. But the food isn't really the reason why you make the journey up to the Gaislachkogl peak, it's definetely the view. The breathtaking view. And the fact that you can walk up to the summit cross with no effort what so ever, there are literally just a few steps to climb up and you feel like the king of the world.

My conclusion: Big Yes!

Ice Q
Bergstation Gaislachkoglbahn, Sölden, 6450 Austira