Fridays in Notting Hill

First of all, I have to say sorry for being to MIA over the last weeks, almost months! I feel like, sometimes you just need a break from your computer, your phone and everything else. Or, like in my case, you have so much other stuff going on that you just basically don't have time!

Since my last post a lot happened, my birthday, submissions for my latest term in college, I went to Vienna and Amsterdam and well, already started the next term of studying. Being that busy kind of makes you step back a bit and enjoy the bit of free time you have a lot more. But I guess no one can stay in their little stress bubble forever and since summer started everything seems to calm down a bit, at least until submissions come closer again. 

The newest big trend right now are any kind of basket and straw bags. They are easy to style, perfect for walking around and look cute no matter where, city, countryside or beach. This one I bought in a little italian shop in Marylebone, but I love strolling over markets and see if I find any vintage ones, which I highly recommend everyone who is looking for one! 

I was wearing:

ZARA Cashmere Sweater / TIGER OF SWEDEN Trousers / NIKE Shoes