Beauty Update: Fresh Faced

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As I become older, and with older I mean like, actually becoming an adult, I become more and more font of skincare. To be clear, I am obsessed. I would travel miles, just to get my hands on a new cream or a new mask. Part of this, probably comes from my life-time of skin problems. I've had eczema as long as I can remember and always had to use special creams from the doctors. But over the past months, maybe a year or so, I started experimenting with "normal" skin products. And well, even if I still apply a layer of my doctors cream every night, I do see benefits of specific products. 

And well, here I am, sharing them with you. My newest Beauty obsession are clearly dominated by one specific brand, a brand which I was unable to get for months, but now finally can call my own. Glossier. And I have to say, the wait was worth it. I. Love. Every. Product. 
My favourite is the Glow Serum, just because literally after applying it, I can see the benefits already. It makes you glow. Before I never really understood what that means, how can anyone who is not a supermodel glow, but guys let me tell you, there is the secret. 

Other things are the Birthday Balm, how could I have said no to an glittering cream. A face wash, the brow thing, cream blush. All things Glossier are good things. Believe me, there is no product you can go wrong with. 
Beside that, alone the Glossier Show Room, as they call it, shop as I would say, is totally worth the trip to New York alone. It is, perfect, the most perfectly branded place I've ever been. 

Another new addition is the Fresh Soy Face Cleaner, which was, since I haven't brought one, necessary. I've read a lot about it and well, I do love it. I can't really tell if there are benefits, since I am a master in falling asleep with make up, but I can tell you, it cleanse the face. (What a glorious description - I know.) 

And here we go with probably my biggest obsession, a scent. I've been obsessed with roses for a while know, as you might now from my recent Beauty Post for Valentines Day, but I finally found my new perfume. Macaron Rosé is the perfect replacement for my beloved perfume that was sadly discontinued after I used it for almost ten years. 

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GLOSSIER Glow Serum / GLOSSIER Birthday Balm / GLOSSIER Boy Brow / GLOSSIER Cloud Paint / FRESH Soy Face Cleanser / GOURMAND Macaron Rosé / GOURMAND Fleur Monoi

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