Breezy Times in Ellebogen, Sylt

You have no idea what I'd give right now to be back in Sylt, my wonderful, breezy, cold Sylt. Since I am back in Vienna, the temperatures are slowly rising again and today, on this wonderful Thursday, we are expecting my first thirty-five degrees of 2017. This is not a test, it's actually going to have 35 bloody degrees. 

Sylt was as beautiful as the last years, but for the first time, we managed to stay almost a whole week up on the northeast point of Germany. Each time when we arrive there, I have to pinch myself that this nature is real and ready for me to explore. It is, after all, one of the most magnificent landscapes I've ever seen. The endless dunes, beaches and approximately one millions sleeps on the island, are growing a bigger space in my heart each year. 

I was wearing:

SET Striped Jumper / H&M Jeans / GUCCI Belt / YSL Shoes / Vintage Straw Bag