Blue Hour with the Chrysler Building

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New York, New York. A city of dreams, the Big Apple, the place that never sleeps and my home for the next month. It still feels a bit weird to say that, since I just (literally JUST) moved into my dream flat in London, but the next months I'll be spending in Manhattan with maybe occasional trips to Brooklyn. I am incredibly lucky to have gotten an amazing internship here, the probably busiest place on earth. 

My first days here were well spend with my beloved travel buddy. I've climbed the Top of the Rock, walked through Central Park, enjoyed the Metropolitan Museum of Art, watched a Movie on a Rooftop, got lost in Brooklyn, had real New York Soft Ice Cream, hiked over Brooklyn Bridge and took the subway. But still, one of the best things, is just sitting of the rooftop of our incredible accommodation and looking at the lights of this incredible city right before sunset. 
Waring my new silk top, I found in H&M with some of my staples (because it's all about staples and basics when you have to pack for six weeks), it made the perfect match with the various colours of the sky during Blue Hour. 

The Blue Hour is one of the most amazing photography lights you can get. Every Day, right before dawn, when the sun is already gone, the light turns a bit blue, the world seems to get ready for sleep and there is a weird feeling of melancholia in the air. 
Blue Hour always was something special for me, but experiencing it in New York, on a roof terrace, is probably one of the things I never imagined to see. 

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I was wearing:

H&M Silk Top / H&M Jeans / SAINT LAURENT Sneaker