Vacation Edit: A Day in Paris

Traveling to Paris for one day, was probably one of the best decisions I made in the last months. I can't tell you how much I needed to breath some French air again, eat real French french fries and just wander one whole day through one of the most stunning cities in the world. 

Over the last years, Paris has become some kind of magical mystery for me. As a kid, it has always just been the nearest location to Disneyland where I always wanted to go, but I only was allowed once. The rest of the time it was just dusty museums for me and one specific restaurant, which (since I turned vegetarian with eleven) isn't that exciting anymore. 
But, since realising the amount of culture and history that's spun together like a subtle spiderweb over the capital of Love, I am even more hooked. 

The fact that it's still the fashion centre as well, is also helping with my obsession of going to Paris again as soon as possible. 
The reason for my trip last week though, have been two fabulous exhibitions, one just starting, the other one just finishing, illuminating two giants of the fashion industry: Balenciaga and Dior. Both of them have been a pure dream, or rather an actual dream you do not like to wake up from. Especially Dior was incredible intense experience and so full of details, it's still hard for me to realise that I've actually seen this with my own eyes.

But since I am writing on both of these exhibition on seperately, let´s talk more about Paris!
The twelve hours I had in Paris have just been amazing. Even though it had 35 degrees in the shade and the city was incredible full with people, I just tried to not care and enjoy every second of it. And, with exception of an hour in the evening when all I wanted was taking a nap, I did. Traveling on your own sometimes seems scary, but I kind of liked the idea of going somewhere and just doing whatever you want, not your parents or friends. 
And, it's exactly what I needed. Maybe the heat was a bit too much, but generally, this was pure bless in the middle of my final month at college, before the summer stress starts!

I was wearing:

PINS & NEEDLES Dress / TORY BURCH Shoes / ASOS Hat / Market Bag