Yellow Door

Last week in Vienna, Austria. Being back for summer brings both, advantages and disadvantages. First of all, Vienna is the most beautiful city in the world, no doubt whatsoever since we are already have been at multiple best places worldwide. But, also, Vienna in summer has the one big problem which every city has: holidays. That means that most of my friends are gone abroad, traveling, exploring the world, while I am here, back in my home town with a lot of time for myself. 

As you see, good and bad at the same time! And actually I am really happy to leave tomorrow for some change of air: Berlin is the next destination on my list, to meet one of my long distance girl friends who one day definitely will rule the world with me. 

But for know I show you this velvety dress which I wore unbelievable three times last week. In real the colour is bit more green, I have to admit, so it's even prettier than you'll see here. Also am I pretty much living the dress-over-shirt-thing right now. And no outfit would be complete without my beloved Dionysus Bag... 

I was wearing:

ZARA Green Velvet Dress / CALVIN KLEIN Black Tee / GUCCI Bag / MANGO Shoes / TOPSHOP Choker / VINTAGE Scarf