Year of the Monkey - 新年快樂

"One of the best days so far in my life" - that should be the real heading for this post. I’ve always dreamed of attending something like this, a big Asian cultural event, with all its little magic details. And since I am living in London now, I was able to see the Chinese New Year’s parade in Chinatown for the very first time and definitely not the last time.

I haven’t been so amazed by something recently, and since I saw this wonderful event, I can’t stop thinking about how much more amazing it must be to be in China for something like this. To watch things like dragon dancers, lanterns festivals and more. It has something magical, almost mystic to get those little insights into a very different and so wonderful culture. It kind of overwhelms you to see those people, celebrating the new year in such a new way, so different as we are used to. And I have to admit, I definitely prefer this way right now.
Currently there are over 40 places alone in China on my bucket list to visit. So one day, I hopefully will start a long journey, exploring one of the biggest and oldest countries our world has to offer. Learning their culture, a little bit this amazing language (just talking about basics for sure).

I just hope you enjoy those pictures, take in a little bit of their magic and thousand year old culture. ( My favorite are the dragon dancers, what are yours?)