Versailles - The Heart of France

Walking around those walls, gardens and passages, has something absolutely magical. Not too long ago, (ok actually quite some time), these rooms still belonged to some of the most powerful people in the world, who casually lived in rooms full of gold and chandeliers symbolizing power and wealth.

Versailles is one of my favorite places in the world. In my eyes, every place where Marie Antoinette, one of my life-long heroines, is something special and gives me a very conscious feeling on how small the world is and, how special it is on the other side. On the glittering sky of stars in the world of princesses, Marie Antoinette is definitely the brightest one. She reformed the fashion world every season, had her hands in some of the most powerful decisions of her time, and, if that wouldn't be enough, influences thousands of girls and women till today with her personal history. 

In my eyes she was the perfect princess, even when her end was a very sad one, I truly hope there will be modern reincarnation of her soon. I mean, who doesn't want to wear huge wigs with little bird or ships in it? 

So, when I was in Paris two weeks ago, we visited Versailles again, it was - obviously - full of people which sadly always happens in summer because we actually wanted to see the Olafur Eliasson exhibition that’s currently going on in the castle and the gardens.
My mom and I are big fans of his work, we just love the artwork he is creating with space and light and we really liked the collection he showed in Vienna some time ago - Post about his Exhibition - but here in the castle of all castles, it was a bit disappointing. Besides the huge water fountain in the gardens (very impressive when you stand in front of it, but not very much on pictures) there weren't a lot of installations in the castle. 

Still, even without Eliasson, Versailles is always one of the most breathtaking sights you can do in Paris. For that day I was wearing…and it was a stupid idea because it had like 35 degrees… Jeans, a velvet blazer (which I love since velvet and satin are the two must haves this season) and my new favorite high heels from Miu Miu, which are so unbelievable comfortable that I actually wear them every day. 

I was wearing:

MANGO Velvet Blazer / H&M White Tee / J CREW Jeans / MIU MIU Shoes / GUCCI DIONYSUS Bag