Three Years

Oh my gosh! Three Years! Today, three years ago I published my first blog post (which I just looked back and is hilarious and awful) and since then, things changed a lot. Not only, I've managed to create a complete new layout for the blog in about 3 days to celebrate this day, I also made my first little video for you guys!

I have to admit, this is not a Picasso kind of amazing art, I did my very best, but in the end, I am still more a photographer then a filmmaker. But since my new short course is starting in about two days, I thought I’ll give it a first try and create a video on my own before and after three weeks of filming crash course! Also, I’m planning quite a lot of input for the upcoming weeks, a little bit of Paris again, old posts and tons of new outfits to get this whole thing rolling again. 
I've been a bit distracted this past year, college is taking way more time than I thought, but I really love it and try my very best to make everything work at the same time. 

So! Please feel free to tell me what you think about the video, you can leave a comment or text me on Snapchat (@eleonoremarie) or Instagram (@eleonorestifter) and give me all your suggestions on that small motion picture, I will need it! HAPPY THREE YEARS GUYS! 

I was wearing:

ZARA Skirt / GLAMOURUS Tee (from Asos) / CHUCKS All Star