Restaurant Tip: Taqueria

Mexican Food is heaven. I mean, corn, avocado, sour cream, avocado, beans and more avocado but in from of guacamole. When your mouth doesn't start watering by all these words, go ahed and read another post, because this is about my new favourite food. 

Normally when I am writing, new favourite something, it is not entirely true, I've probably already known that for a longer time or just decided to write a new post about it and new favourite just always sounds better then: Yes I've known this for quite a long time but I can't think of anything better to write about right now. 

Anyway, this is not about my lack of creativity, this is about tacos. And chips, and guacamole. When I was in New York back in April, my girls and I went out for dinner at a super amazing hidden little restaurant (you have to walk trough a back door, a kitchen and a bar to get to the eating area which is super dark) and there I had my very first ever Mexican food. And since then, some kind of mania is going on in my head. Tacos everything. Till now I've only got one favourite taco place in London (and none in Vienna, the guacamole trend still hasn't arrived there) but I recently tried out an Mexican restaurant more or less right around the corner in Notting Hill.

Taqueria. Beside plus points for this super amazing name (hello Tequila) I can give full stars for the food. And the interior. And the guacamole. I tried two of their veggie tacos and they where amazing, even tho a bit to spicy for me, but thats kinda normal. I had chips, and, obviously guacamole. 

So if you ever wonder through Notting Hill, Westbourne Grove and suddenly starve and really fancy some tacos, go there and thank me later. 

141 - 145 Westbourne Grove, W11 2RS