Taco Me Out

Since a few months now, I am absolutely addicted to Mexican food. So when I was casually strolling through H&M, trying to find some new pillowcases in the home section, my eyes were catching this top. Taco. Me. Out. Which was perfect, because since that one special night in New York with my girls, where I had my first ever Mexican adventure, I can't think of anything else than guacamole and sprinkling cayenne pepper over everything I eat. 

The big Brownie point of Mexican food, besides the fact that it's absolutely delicious, it's more or less gluten free (corn rocks!) and of course, more or less healthy. But you can't really go wrong with avocado and corn tortillas, can you?

Also new here, apart from my fan-girly shirt for tacos, is my love, the bag of my summer dreams with scenarios of sunsets at the beach, which is actually a perfect description of my beautiful Valentino Lock bag. The story of buying it was quite funny, I've been in the shop for four days in the row, flirting with the bag so hard, that even the shop assistants where laughing already at me because I always came back to visit it. But now, I can carry the summer around with me the whole time. 

I was wearing:

Taco Me Out H&M / Leather Leggings WILDFIRE FRED / Sneakers CONVERSE / Bag VALENTINO