Street Style PFW

Paris Fashion Week. An invitation to one of these events is probably one of the biggest dreams, goals and achievements for any fashion interested young girl around the world. Luckily since a few years, there is something happening around the events you don't need to have a ticket for, you can just walk past and find yourself amid the best editors, the most famous models and the biggest street style stars. 

Since the show is starting to happen already outside of the tent or location, the hype around street style is getting bigger and bigger each season. And last Paris Fashion Week I was in luck visiting the beautiful city of Love with one of my best friends and since we are both one of these young girls dreaming of the secret environment around the fashion industry, we just had to have a look at the spectacle in front of these shows. 

So, we waited probably 20 minutes in front of the fashion week tent at the Tuileries, where Elie Saab was happening at that moment. And let's just say, it was intense. Really intense. Street Style Photography at Fashion Week is not fun, it is hard work but also absolutely amazing. I loved it, and since it's already a half year later now, I wanted to show you guys these pictures I made in February. And hopefully I will be back to shoot some more of these fashion adventures next season!