Place des Vosges

Paris, Paris, mon amour! Some of you maybe already know, but I've always been an addict for Paris and since my birth, I've probably been there at least 30 times. But, this last trip was something special. Because for the very first time ever (at least from the ones I remember) I was there in summer, not trying to wear three pairs of tights above each other to look fashionable (which I actually did as a six year old, ask my mom) and I can only highly recommend it!

Paris in summer has something magical, it might be the light or the fact that it's bright outside till about ten in the evening, but it is a truly magnificent atmosphere lying over the whole city. But like always, our trip was way too short, even if it was already the third one this year (and I bet there is coming another one in fall), I can never have enough of Paris and I really need to find a way to spend more than three days in a row in this city of Love. 

So, in terms of fashion, I am currently head over heels into the white-t-shirt-layering thing, I just wear it underneath absolutely everything, like here, under the leather slip dress or under the jumpsuit I am currently wearing or sometimes even just under another simple shirt! It makes every look so much easier and more casual and is perfect for summer, and I absolutely can't wait to do the same in winter with a long sleeve or even a turtle neck shirt! Another thing, the chokers. Yes, I have a bunch of them, and yes, I almost wear them every day. Even if I never had one of the true ones in the nineties (I think my mom didn't like them because my friends had some) I am now a real sucker for the chucker, ehm.. I mean choker... (Gossip Girl is slowly taking over my live)

I was wearing:

ZARA Leader Slip Dress / H&M Shirt / RIVER ISLAND Chocker / H&M Shoes / VALENTINO Bag