Pink Rush - The New Hair Colour

Ok, so, I have PINK hair now. At the moment. And I love it. How it came? Well, last Monday I turned 20, t-w-e-n-t-y years old, so my teenager years are over and that’s the reason I had to do something to keep myself feeling young. 

So, on Monday the 23rd, I went to one of the best hair salons for colored hair in London, Bleach London in Soho, and had a ten minute toner session with one of the cutest hairdressers who celebrated her birthday as well on this day, what a funny coincidence! And after just 45 minutes, I came out with bright pink hair. To be fair, it was a bit too pink in my eyes, I wanted to have something more rose golden, but after first time washing yesterday, it now is the most perfect colour. 

The colour will probably fade till the end of July, maybe already until the end of June considering the amount of colour rinsing out yesterday (pink water… just saying). And I love it - I love this quick hair colour change which will be going back to normal that fast, and I love the idea to change it maybe another time into a different colour (any suggestions?). 

Glitter Shirt: TED BAKER / Underwear: VICTORIA SECRET