New York on my Mind

Sunny sunny Easter break! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter egg hunt, some lovely days with your family and friends and won the Easter egg battles!

I spent most of my time in the country at our weekend home, together with a bunch of little kids, playing the Easter bunny and of course eating too much. I think that's exactly what holidays are made for, right? What could be better than eating too much bad stuff and having tons of chocolate?

During the last days, I got a bit stressed, I tried to save all of my documents, pictures and college projects from my hard disk which suddenly decided to pass away, always just dragging and dropping one folder after another to a safer place on my laptop. But now I am probably ready to work again!

So, a new coat, a coat I really don’t need that much anymore here in Vienna, but perhaps I will be vey thankful when returning to London tomorrow since it’s always wet and cold there until the moment the weather suddenly turns to super-hot summer. I already have two other friends with the same coat, it seems to be a super-fast selling one and I recommend it to everybody who still looks for one (it also comes in black yippee yay).

The top and trousers are two of my best New York bargains, I found the top at the new Polo Ralph Lauren shop on 5th Avenue, while having a tour through the shop with the college, and the trousers aka leggings are made from the most amazing vegan leather fabric I ever touched. I am wearing it almost every day, since it just looks amazing to everything and is comfy as f*.

I was wearing:

Grey Long ZARA Wool Coat
New York Fifth Avanue POLO RALPH LAUREN Shirt
Vegan WILDFRED FREE Leather Leggings (found at Artizia)
ZARA Snake Leather Print Boots