London Jungle

Palms. What gives more summer feeling than a pretty palm tree under a blue sky with a few tiny bits of clouds. Even better when the sun comes from the side, so you have those beautiful light breaks in a picture, everyone is always keen to achieve. Sadly, in London finding all of these things together, is very rare, but at least palms and every kind of exotic bush, is a bit easier. 

It sometimes is insane how many people actually have plants like these in their front gardens, you are in Britain, the country best known for its cloudy and wet weather, and on every second corner in Notting Hill you will find palm trees. I kinda love it though, I have to admit, because at some of those sunny days around, nothing makes you more happy than seeing an exotic plant, at least in my idea. 

So, the last few days were incredibly busy, I moved out of my room, had to put everything into storage until I come back to London in September. If you watched my Snapchat story, you already know how bad I am with packing. And I hated absolutely every second of it, but I can't wait to return to a new room (spoiler: two windows then!) and buy some actual little palm trees for my room to keep the vibe going. 

But coming back to the main topic of this whole thing: flared jeans. They have an insane comeback at the moment, and even when I was sceptical at the beginning (the skinny jeans regime is still going on), I have to admit that I am really into it! As a baby, ok a bit older, around seven to nine, flared jeans were everything. The more flare, the better it was during primary school and it really makes me happy that actually everything comes back to fashion. 
Also, one of my favourite things to wear as a six year old was a red velvet dress, so I haven't found one yet, but I have a black one already, but I can't wait to bring back my six year old vibe and wear that dress for at least six months every day (which I was doing back at my six year old times..)

I was wearing:

ASOS flared Jeans / MISSGUIDED Crop Top / FOREVER21 Shoes / ASOS Chockers