Little Red Jacket

Hello hello Easter Holidays! So happy to have two weeks for myself and relaxing and hopefully getting some of the things done that are already waiting too long on my everlasting ToDo List.
Yesterday I came back from New York and our wonderful and amazing College Trip (gonna talk more about that later) and before that, I spent some time in Paris.

So, the main act here, the little red jacket, is hard to be overlooked. I found that jacket at Zara in Paris and was actually so happy to find something that colorful not making me look pale like a zombie. So, Paris was wonderful, way too short of course, we just had two days in total which is like nothing compared to what would be needed.
The reason we went there was Paris Fashion Week, which was a wonderful experience but also one of the strangest things ever. But more about that in my up-to-date Street-Style post on Paris, so stay tuned!

Oh and by the way, check out my braids! Aren’t they lovely? I got them before leaving at the BraidBar at Topshop Oxford Circus and they are probably the reason some quite famous street-style photographers took pictures of me. I really love them!

I am so happy to share so many more posts with you soon, I have so many stored I couldn’t post because of the stress I had during the last week of College, but now, time for Holidays!

I was wearing:

Little Red ZARA Jacket
Yellow Grey Jumper from my Mom
Little Red
VALENTINO Crossbody Bag
Colorful Scarf
Ripped Jeans ZARA
Golden H&M Slippers