L.A. in Sylt

Yesterday night a very dear friend visited me, actually probably one of my oldest ones since we are both blondies since the kindergarten. And, how friends like these are, she gave me a bit of a pep and motivation talk to work more on my blog. After she left at about two in the morning, I realised that I have started working on four different blog posts, without finishing them, for my online portfolio a lot of essential texts are missing and I haven't even started looking through my almost 700 mails from the last two weeks. 

So here we are, writing again a blog post from one of my favourite places in the world! I know I am saying this quite frequent, but honestly, our planet is so beautiful - I think we all agree -  that it is pretty impossible to have just one favourite place. 

Sylt won a place in my heart when I visited it last year for the very first time. I've already heard a lot about it but in my eyes it always was this dusty little island in the north of Germany not worth a visit, but, well, I am back and even more in love than last time. This nature is just insanely breathtaking, there are places that could be straight out of a sience fiction movie and you'll find beaches where you can walk for hours without meeting anyone else. 

One of the to-go-to places there is the L.A., I know a some kind strange name for a restaurant on a tiny German island, but it works and everyone comes. My parents are eating oysters and I am eating incredible huge portions of salad and 'Kartoffelpuffer mit Apfelmus' which is literally hash browns with apple sauce, a very traditional German dessert. 

But now, while I'm suffering a serious crisis of not having any potatoes or apple to work into this meal, just look at those dunes. And my freaking amazing striped pants. 

I was wearing: