Exactly one month later, let`s have a little flashback to Sylt, the most beautiful German island. We had some really amazing days up there in the north, experiencing weather changes every two hours, enjoying the smallest bit of sun and the lonely walks on the never ending beaches. But one of the best things up there, something I am probably saying all the time when talking about it, is the NATURE. 

Back there, my mom and I discovered one of the entirely natural hiking walks through the dunes, above one of the most famous places, The Red Cliff. While walking it, you are almost completely alone, like in a different world alone. The nature looks like a mixture of moon and mars with a few lost plants in between. 

So, while summer is pretty much ending soon, I hope you can enjoy this little throwback on this first day of September. 

I was wearing:

ASOS Off the Shoulder Top / J.CREW Jeans / TOPSHOP Sweater / MANSUR GAVRIEL Bag / CONVERSE Sneakers