Grey on Grey

This autumn for me is the month of electrical failures. Literally every device I own is having at least one funky day or breaks completely. So first, the biggest one, which is actually a very big problem, my heating. More than a month ago I realised it's not working and they still haven't figured out what's wrong or how to get it started again. But at least I now have three wonderful little radiators keeping me warm. Then my old iPhone broke, the whole screen, just at once. And two weeks ago my beloved MacBook just decided to delete itself completely, taking all my data into Nirvana.

So yes, fantastic autumn so far. But at least I am getting quite creative with layering techniques thanks to my new found cold! And I am right now absolutely addicted to monochrome layering, meaning, to wear only one color over and over. So here we have my attempt to challenge the color grey, an actually quite easy one and probably everyone would be able to make a complete grey outfit with pieces out of their closets. And please, have a look on those shoes. I bought them in summer during my weekend trip to Madrid and I absolutely love them. Just look at the bow!

I was wearing:

H&M Glitter Pants / ZARA Coat / ZARA Jumper / UTERQÜE Shoes