Golden Velvet

There is absolutely no fabric in the fashion world right now which is getting more attention than velvet. There seems to be a magic attraction between the shimmery and soft texture full of historic luxury and the minimalistic cuts of this season. And since basically every fashion girl around the globe is absolutely crazy about it too, there is no suprise that you will find velvet in every high street shop. 

This love affair is not limited to one or two little accessories, no, we are talking dresses, coats, pants and even full velvet suits. It is the most wanted trend of the season.
And as you may guess myself also can't get enough of it, so I am very happy to show you the newest addition to my velvet family! After two dresses and a suit there is now also this wonderful bright yellow top. I've been completely captivated by its brightness and almost glowing color, combined with the shiny texture it represents an unbelievable good eye-catcher. Despite the fact that I haven't worn yellow since my kindergarten times. 

By the way, I also can't get over the prettiness of these mews houses. Especially when they are painted black, I can't walk past one without taking a dozen pictures!

I was wearing:

Golden velvet Top ASOS / Boyfriend Jeans CHEAP MONDAY / Boots ZARA / Velvet Chocker TOPSHOP