Exhibition Review: Golden Lights in Golden Rooms by Ólafur Eliasson

A new mini project: Museums Week! Here we go, three exhibition posts and reviews in one week. I have visited so many different exhibitions during the last weeks, I just had to make a special about it! And we will start with one of my favorites, Ólafur Eliasson, one of the best Danish artists so far.
He exhibited his gorgeous light installations in one of the most wonderful and dreamy places in Vienna one can do, the Prince Eugen’s Winter Palace in the very heart of the city. His works are so stunning, you just want to be part of it, and that is exactly what’s getting possible there.
My favorite room, very hard to notice, was the golden room. A tiny cabinet in between two bigger salons, which already was pleated in gold foil hundreds of years ago, now enlightend with even more golden light. It was such a magical feeling to stand in there, everything was touched by this soft golden light, you never wanted to leave and hardly could believe that we ever use different light.
My second favorite, and possibly the most instagramed room of the whole exhibition, was the 3D/colored shadow room (you will find the pictures at the bottom of the post) where you could dance and play around with as many different colored shadows you could imagine. It’s perfect for any kind of video (Snaaapchat is calling) and makes every child’s face happy.
And then there is another favorite, the grand staircase leading up to the exhibition, enlightened in bright yellow, there is just something so magical to see those old buildings, history-charged rooms with more stories to tell as we’re able to imagine, paired with super modern neon lights. The pictures from there are almost not edited (like the rest here), so the light is always the true one as we have seen it, but in real life, seeing yourself and your mom or whoever is with you, in complete yellow, is so awkward that it`s getting funny again.
But in the end, there were more things to see than just the light installations, beautiful sculptures, a circle, bigger than the room completed with its image in the mirror. And all that, is still there till this Sunday, the 6th March. Please go there, you will have some of the best Instagram (and other) moments you may imagine! And then, send me some pictures, because I will not make it again.. sadly..

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