Golden Hour

2016! Happy New Year! We made it! Hope you all survived the parties and haven’t got too much of cleanup afterwards, never be the host of a party again, I swear! So, it’s already the second January of 2016 folks! A lot is to come this year, a lot of more adventures and incredible memories are waiting for all of us. 

2015 is over. Some parts of me are very sad about it, 2015 has been the best year yet for me, so many incredible things happened. A fast recap: I got accepted at my dream school, studying what I love, moved to my favorite place in the world, traveled amazing places, found a new love and met so many new friends! The biggest thing of all of course was to start at the Condé Nast College in London, learning everyday exactly what I always wanted to know and kind of already knew at heart. Spending my days now in London, speaking English all the time changed so much in me, things that always slept in me and are now ready to wake up. As well as meeting the best people ever in my school! 

But it also has been a year of crazy traveling, 19 flights in total are on my list, I’ve been incredible ELEVEN times alone on Heathrow London, have seen so many wonderful exhibitions, most of them fashion related (and most of them are still missing here on the blog, 2016 is going to be better!) and it won’t stop there. For the next months, there are already new amazing things planed, Paris, New York, maybe even one very special island I am dreaming of everyday… Just wait for it!

I’ve set up some very big goals for that upcoming year, probably way bigger than it should be, but why not dream big? My bucket list is growing from day to day and this year will be hopefully the year of it. I can’t wait! Year of the Golden Hour. 

Golden Hour is a crazy thing you know, because in that very short time in the evening (or right now on afternoons because the sun goes down at 4pm) you have the best light ever. In about ten minutes the light and feelings can change a hundred times, the last sunbeams are catching you and everything gets a little gold touch. It gets even better when you are in front of a golden building, like this one here. The Lenbach House in Munich, the favorite museum of my mom which she just never showed me before, is just  the perfect picture background. Inside as well! And the square in front of it has some of the most beautiful buildings you can imagine. Another goal for 2016: definitely spending more time in my home town Munich. There is just so much more to explore! 

Matchy matchy, for that day I was wearing an orange blazer jacket, my favorite to get some color into the grey days of winter, paired with the best shoes I've probably ever bought, they are so good, I do have them in two different colors and am already regretting that I bought only one pair and not hundreds! Beside the fact that they look like out of the future, they are the most comfortable shoes I have, which actually isn’t that good because I keep wearing them 24/7 which means they won’t last that long… But well, that's something we have to cope with…

I was wearing:

Honey Mustard Yellow Blazer Jacket: ZARA (in sale right now)
White Tee: H&M
Navy Blue Jeans: REVIEW
Nude Latex Boots with Plexiglass Heel: ZARA
Red Studded Bag: VALENTINO