Garage Moments

Summer in London may be somewhat depressing, at least, right now. Actually I am back in my beloved city since 5 days, almost never leaving bed, only once catching some sunshine. But I guess, I was the one who chose to move up to London. 

I had a quite emotional time the last weeks, finishing my course at the Condé Nast College, (post about everything coming soon), deciding to stay at least two more years here to also do a bachelor degree, the Graduation Party, coming back to Vienna and spending some funny days with my best friend in Warsaw. 

So besides hiding under my blanket and trying to avoid any kind of eye contact with clouds and water drops, I tried to plan my summer, what I would like to do, where I want to spend my free time and which trips should be my personal must-do for this year. A few things are already sorted out, but there is way more planning needed. 

I was wearing:

H&M Skirt / Bik Bok Off the Shoulder Top / Mango Shoes / Gucci Dionysus Bag