From Last Year

Back in Vienna! At least, till this afternoon, before coming back again next weekend! It's just been the first month of 2016, but it already feels so normal. And, the time flies so fast right now! I have just one week left to finish the newest project in College, learning for a quite heavy exam and finding time to follow my newest addiction: Orange is the new Black.

I've always been a big series junkie, but during the last two years, it's not a normal addiction anymore. I have been watching all eleven seasons of my absolute all-time favorite Grey’s Anatomy four times in total, currently going crazy to see the end of season 12. Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives is not a lot better, How to get away with Murder or Pretty Little Liars are on my list as well. You see, I need a lot of time in my life to catch up with my fictional places. And there may be some new series starting too!

But well, here we have a look from long long time ago. Shoot before Christmas, it was the day my mom and I bought my amazing and not beatable Christmas present, the Gucci Dionysus Bag, I am now carrying around almost every day. It's quite hard to shoot a new look for me right now, besides the fact that my series keep distracting me all the time, light conditions are super bad in January and the fact that I don't really have someone who shoots the pictures in London, doesn’t make it easier. In about two weeks I will have some more, my boyfriend will be with me for Valentine’s Day (and more important, Chinese New Year in London) and I hope we will do a lot of sightseeing and shooting. I am already preparing outfits for this days, even if it will be foreseeable that I will change them at least one hundred times till they are actually needed in London!

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I was wearing:

Cropped Black Leather Jacket: BURBERRY
White and Blue Shirt undeneath: H&M
Grey Cashmere Sweater: PURE CASHMERE
Dark Ripped Denim Jeans: H&M MEN
Black Latex Boots with Plexiglas Heel: ZARA
Blue Crosbody Bag: DKNY
White Sunglasses: MANGO