Festive Snake

Christmas is so near, in fact, it's already tomorrow. And just one week later, this wonderful year will already be over and we’re starting into 2017. Gosh, unbelievable how fast this year went by. I never believed grown-ups when I was a kid telling me how fast time was going, how fast I was growing, looking back, they all were right.

I am very happy that even tho’ there is only one week left of this year, there is still quite a lot of stuff happening. After some quiet Christmas days in our weekend home with the family, me and my parents will be off to Italy for a few days. Venice and Triest are on our itinerary this time and I can't wait to be back in the city of gondolas and tourists.

In my eyes, this outfit here fits to both topics more than perfect, Christmas and Venice. The dark red velvet is absolutely perfect for both occasions, either super festive for the holidays or, as in my eyes velvet is the fabric of Venice anyway - so Velvet everywhere.

Same goes for my new baby, my first self-earned bag ever. I worked really hard for it and I am so proud that my first pay-check is used for something so beautiful. This limited Gucci bag, is every curiosity-freak’s dream (and mine as well as you will have gathered). It's odd and gorgeous at the same time and I am absolutely in love.

Anyway, a very merry Christmas everyone! If you wanna know what I am up to during the next week, feel free to follow me on social media!

I was wearing:

ZARA Velvet Dress / ALL SAINTS Leather Jacket / H&M Turtle Neck Top / ZARA Shoes / GUCCI Snake Bag / TOPSHOP Jewellery