Dark Afternoons

Hello hello! The first week of College is already nearly over, one project is done, the next two are about to start and slowly normal life is coming back after the holidays. But TODAY something not so usual is happening, we are heading to Paris! One of my favorite cities in the world, we used to travel there so much and Paris had to stand a little bit back for London during the last years. 

But I am so happy to return! For the first time in about two years staying longer than just one or two days. I am already dreaming of macarons… Just staying, there is nothing better than macarons, right? And all these  wonderful stuff, pastries, that I am of course not allowed to eat. Well. Ok. But I found one gluten free bakery with Eclaires and more! Definitely going to visit it and I will report about the stuff there!

But here we are right now somewhere else, somewhere in the middle of the coldest day in Vienna, way to late actually to shoot an outfit, because its still getting dark at about 3:30 pm (which is very very bad for bloggers who need pictures…). Besides the fact that I am freezing in the pictures, I really like them! And its the first appearance of my new Baby…. My Gucci Dionysus! I love it, it's  my new favorite for everything. See ya soon with news from lovely Paris!  

I was wearing:

Biker Coat with Leather Details: ZARA
Black Skinny Jeans: DRYKORN
Glitter High Heeled Boots: LAURENCE DECADE
Beige Bag with Lion Details: GUCCI DIONYSUS