City of Lovelocks

Another week in College is already going on and all I can think of is planning my next trip - or rather trips. This year hopefully seems to become my travel year. I am still waiting to book some of the best trips and locations so far, and I seriously can’t wait. Right now, I am planning another trip to this beautiful location here, the City of Love Locks. 

There has been quite some news about those love locks recently, I remember that they had to close one bridge in Paris, the Pont des Arts, because it couldn’t hold the weight of the locks anymore. There are roughly up to one million locks there, weighing 45 tons. Unbelievable! 
Paris is full of them. They are everywhere, wherever you look, not only on bridges, also on decoration elements everywhere, doors, fences, literally just everything you can imagine putting a lock on. 
It’s a big tourist attraction, flying to the city of love and place a tiny lock somewhere, hoping for the never ending relationship between those two people. I really love the idea. 
But it’s not only in Paris anymore, Amsterdam for example is also full of them, Venice too, the trend explodes in every city of Europe, slowly taking over our bridges. 
But who doesn’t like to believe into the power of those little pieces of art, nearly jewelry. Engraved, or maybe just written with a marker, the day they met, their initials or names, being like a little symbol for eternity itself. A little lock, fighting for the love between two people, holding up there, in the city of love, the keys are gone forever in the Seine, so no one will be able to unlock it again. 
That's the idea of romance itself.

Here we are at a different bridge, a new one, right in front of one of my new favorite museums,  the Musée d’Orsay, mainly because of the fantastic impressionist exhibition at the very top floor. There are so many amazing and famous pictures filling up this former train station of Paris, you could spend hours there. I liked the top floor the most, not only because of the perfect picture location there, the mood of the exhibition is just perfect. It gives someone the spirit of a special period, like only very few exhibition are able to.

Back at our little modern bridge here, looking over the Louvre as a background and also full of Love Locks, I am wearing my most favorite skirt. Since H&M started with their Conscious collection, they created some seriously amazing artworks of clothes. This skirt, and another one I am happy to have, are of such high quality, design and fabric, I would have never expected from a high street retailer. And all of that in favor for the environment! Paired with some leopard print shoes (you can never be wrong with some leopard) and a plain grey shirt, also from H&M, it makes a look fitting perfectly with Paris.

CoutureDepartment2016-8827 Kopie.jpg

I was wearing:

Lilac Fringe Skirt: H&M CONCIOUS
Grey Plain Top: H&M
Leopard Pumps: BARBARA BUI