Back in Paris

PARIS! It was amazing. I had no idea how much I missed that city during the last years. It's been so long since we actually spent some time there. Out last visit in the French capital was only for about 24 hours, with no real time to breathe in this wonderful Paris feeling.

But here we are! Some sunny but cold moments from Paris. Again, like the only post on Paris existing on the blog already, shot at the Palais Royal. Undeniable my absolute favorite place in whole Paris. There is nearly, no, no other place which gives me a more relaxed and calmed down feeling. Those black and white pillars are just radiating some kind of energy, the small garden, all those wonderful superbe shops in the arcades around the square, this perfect ensemble is offering me the most peaceful moo

And I am sooooo incredibly happy, that this will not be the only visit of the City of Love this year for me! Since it's just super easy to pop in from London, that Eurostar train is incredible, Paris is a much more easier weekend getaway than ever before. And I will be back there in march.. during a special event... so happy already, but now it's about last weekend’s trip!

I am wearing my kind of new favorite pants here. They are glittering, so potentially they may become my new favorites, but since it's the first time I am wearing a trouser shaped like that, I am still not quite sure how to mix and layer it. I played safe: turtle neck and color can't really go wrong with anything. The shoes as well, that latex and plexiglass magically fits to absolutely everything, no matter what I tried during the last weeks. I will experiment a little bit more with them, because glitter is just the best colour ever, no matter what you mix it up with. Bisous!

I was wearing:

Striped Yellow and Grey Turtle Neck: MOM's CLOSET
Mustard Yellow Jacket: ZARA
Glitter Zigarette Trousers: H&M
Latex Shoes with Plexiglas Heel: ZARA
Beige Bag with Lions: GUCCI DIONYUS