Happy Pumpkin Day everyone! I hope you have had a fabulous spooky Halloween weekend and celebrated from dusk till dawn. I myself, just had a little Halloween party on Friday and might have another one today, since today is the real holiday.

Halloween was always one of my favourite days to celebrate, it's ridiculous, doesn't make sense and you get to dress up as creepy as you want without anybody looking weird at you. So when I saw this skeleton suit on Asos, I just had to give it a go, It turns out to be my all-time favourite Halloween costumes (or general fancy dresses) till now! I loved the fact that it's not printed, the bones are made of sequins, even if my room floor was covered in white shiny sequins the next day. 

So guys, have all a happy Halloween, go out for some trick or treatin' and enjoy a overexaggerated amount of chocolate and pumpkin! 

I was wearing:

ASOS Skeleton Costume / ZARA Boots / TOPSHOP Chocker