100 Years of Vogue

One hundred years of one of the biggest fashion magazines in the world give a lot of beautiful pictures. And exactly that's, what the Vogue 100 Exhibition is, a bulk of beautiful pictures mixed up with a lot of history and fashion.

Some of the most important fashion moments in history so far have been captured in the British Vogue, and not only fashion, we are talking about lifestyle, political statements, Hollywood glamour and the royal family. All of importance, was in Vogue, and that is exactly what this exhibition is about.

It was such a big honor to see those wonderful 10 rooms before they were opened them to public, go there, take some own pictures (not allowed now) is just as amazing.
The exhibition is already a huge success and is seeing the biggest visitor numbers the National Portrait Gallery ever had.
All the pictures are original prints, which is amazing because the prints go back till the very beginning, about 1916. Some of them are so rare, it took over 8 years to get them for this event.

The exhibition is on until May 22nd, so there is still a lot of time to go there and do a little time journey. I would recommend to book tickets in advance, so you don't have to q, go there!

And as a tiny special, until today, 4th March at 4:10pm there are still some insights on my Snapchat, since I was there again yesterday to show it to one of my friends, but I will surely go again for some more Snapchats! (follow on @eleonoremarie)