Weekend Trip

Monday mid-day, another weekend is over and, in my live, another weekend foray also is over! I am a pro in weekend trips, since my birth nearly every weekend we’re starting a little journey. The location? Always the same, my second, no third, no, fourth, argh, just another home town or something like that is Krems an der Donau and a very tiny place next to it. The whole area is called Wachau and is one of the best wine-growing spots in the world. (Big smile, belly likes wine.)

So, since I can remember, even longer, we own that beautiful house there with the most wonderful garden which always reminds me of these traditional English gardens, big flowers, green yard and some well-placed trees. One of them is a huge cherry blossoms tree (just cherry blossoms, ne real cherries in summer...). 
And just about 15 - 20 minutes away there is Krems! A  small city, just big enough that they got one rather grotty H&M (my personal city-size calculator: how many H&Ms will be found there?) but some seriously amazing other places. Like the one where we made the pictures, just everything there is pretty picture-able with all the tiny old houses. It’s also pretty near to the local train station, and since it was slightly raining, we chose this place so we won't get soaked. 

My look is kind of 70s inspired again, the boots, they are my favorite right now, I swear, I will not wear anything else the next week, so comfortable, the denim jacket and my hairstyle. The hair is the easiest thing ever, it’s my OMG-what-am-I-doing-with-my-hair-I-am-alrealdy-way-to-late-Style. Just take two clips and you’re ready to go! The denim jacket is an oldie, stolen from my mommy’s closet, exactly like the Louis Vuitton weekender, which is like the most classic thing in this look. I had another handbag, but it was too much with two big bags for one look, so I just skipped the other one, don't think I am able to pack everything so properly that I only will need one bag for two nights. 
Turtle neck tops are like the most stylish shirts you can have right now and this white one was a perfect find. I love really everything about it, even when it’s kind of hard to wear a normal pullover on top, you just need another turtle neck. 

The next days will be as busy as the last ones, a lot of writing, a lot of learning and preparing my next exams, way too bad weather (summer where are you again...?) and, of course, way too less time to shoot or work for the blog. I will be so happy when everything is done for a while, can't wait for the end of May when (hopefully) my last exams will lie behind me. 

I was wearing:

Dark Wash Denim Jacket: EARL JEANS
White Ripped Turtle Neck Top: H&M STUDIO
Olive Green Skinny Jeans: ZARA
Brown High Heeled Boots: MASSIMO DUTTI
Weekender / Travel Bag: LOUIS VUITTON
Gold and Black Wristband: SWAROVSKI
Gold and Silver Wristband: AND OTHER STORIES