Walking in the Night

I am still wallowing in memories of my last week’s trip to Italy, and guess what, I have like thousands of pictures to show to you, not just casual travel posts, no, we are talking about real culture, architecture and art from all the exhibitions I visited with my group. I swear, I don't even know how to upload them all, there are just so many amazing little details in everything we saw, I would love to show you just the best 300 pictures we made there. 

But, let´s start slowly, here we are again in Milan, one of my favorite cities since now and my girl Kathy and I already decided that we would really love to live there together for one year and learn how to be Italian by heart (those supermarkets they have would also be a tiny reason to move there immediately). On our second evening we visited a very very famous restaurant in Milan, rumoured about that they should offer the original and best Cotoletta alla Milanese in the world (a fact hard to believe when you’re growing up in Vienna, the very home of  'Wiener Schnitzel'). But, it's not only called differently there, it also looks different! The Cotoletta alla Milanese comes with its bone (or at least Da Giacomo serves it like this).

Plot of the story, we had dinner there and between first and second course we hopped outside to shoot this look. My dad wasn't quite amused because he had to wait for his Cotoletta, but everything had to go really fast when the light is perfect! I was wearing my favorite blue dress, which I already chose for the Expo visit, just changed the shoes and bag. Btw, I love these shoes, they aren't comfortable at all, but who cares, they are beautiful! And as soon as I find out how all my toes should fit neatly, I will wear nothing else. 

I was wearing:

Dark Blue A-Line Dress with V-Neck: MANGO
Brown Suede High Heeled Sandals: MANGO
Printet brown Vintage Bucket Bag: ESCADA