Torcello Nights - The other Island in Venice

This evening was pure magic, seriously, looking back it's hard to believe that everything was real and not just a dream in a fairytale. For the first time (that I remember, the other times I must have been super young) we visited Torcello, the very first island they built a church on to try if that whole living-in-a-lagoon-thing would work out. And it is now a little bit like the countryside of Venice.

After a journey of one hour with the ferryboat, you arrive there and nothing more is to be seen than nature and canals. After a walk of 10 minutes straight into the middle of the tiny island, passing some little Bed&Breakfasts, we found our restaurant and this amazing old church: Santa Fosca. The water there, is as beautiful green as in Venice, but the whole feeling, is so different. It's way easier, not a little bit hectic or stressful, it's just like normal country life. 
I wore my favorite new jumpsuit (which I am not allowed to wear right now because my boyfriend hates it... grr) a kind of seventies flashback with tiny little stars everywhere on it. Paired with my little hat, I thought it would be a perfect country-outfit and it happened that I wasn't even overdressed at the restaurant. 

Inside of the Locanda Cipriani, you find the most amazing and breathtaking flower garden with a wonderful view over the Campanile Santa Maria Assunta, another relic of the island´s medieval past. And the food there, they had gluten free pasta, so I really was more than happy. Sometimes it's really hard to find something to eat if you are a gluten intolerant vegetarian, especially in Italy.. But there, I had the most amazing Spaghetti with egg-plants grown in the own garden... Can we please go back?

I was wearing:

Dark Blue Seventies Jumpsuit with Star-Print: MANGO
Little Bucket Bag: MCM
Black Glitter Sandals: & OTHER STORIES