Bar Tip: The Shard in London

Switching from the magic view at the tiny Chalet at Kitzbuehel to the even more stunning, breathtaking one from The Shard at London. The newest family member of top skyscrapers worldwide opening a complete new vista with London at your feet. This post is some kind of restaurant tip, more a bar tip because we just had a few drinks at the I N C R E D I B L E bar on 33th floor. 

I am speaking about the Hutong Bar, from the Hutong Restaurant (how obvious..). It all started with the funny idea of visiting the bar with the best view of the city while staying in London two weeks ago. We first had a cheese-in-bed-picnic, got really dressed up, because, how often do you go to a high-level bar in London, and started our journey with a bus-ride. First, we wanted to visit one of the other bars/lounges in the Shard, but because of some kind of closed party, we had to move on to Hutong. 

And, literally, you can't imagine my face. Try it, try to see all the things in your life you love the most, Chinese architecture, red lampions everywhere, amazing food, drinks and all being topped with the best view ever over your favorite city ever. I was. Speechless. I swear. And at the same time I was running around like a little child trying to see every inch of the bar, lounge and restaurant, sucking in every little bit. All my speechless children habit exploded when we had a little stop at the restroom, where you have, I am serious, the same amazing view like from the rest of this place, you can wash your hands looking over London. Yes, you are feeling a little bit like God and a small ant at the same time, super small and super important. 

And the whole thing gets even better, they are also serving the best cocktails ever! I mean, I had something black and something pink (best color hap ever for me) and both of them tasted amazing. Even the black one, with litchi and I am normally really allergic to it, but, well, when on earth will I have the chance to drink some kind of black cocktails at the 33th floor again? 

I will definitely come back some time, it´s said they should offer wonderful food too, and for me, as a japan-china-asia-food-lover it´s obvious that I will HAVE to try it, and I really want to go there again when the sun is still shining, I mean, London from above and sun..? I'm in! 




I was wearing: 

Dark Blue Knit-Dress: TOPSHOP
Black Vegan Bag with Chains: STELLA MCCARTNEY 'FALABELLA'
Black Overknee Boots: STUART WEITZMANN
Nail Polish: CHANEL 'Lotus Rouge'