The Basic Story

Weekend Weekend Weekend! And a new look. This time something quite different, I think, because this outfit literally screams minimalism. And normally I am seriosly everything but minimalistic - but for these gentle spring or summer days, when just everything may happen to the weather in about a minute, these kind of looks just seem to be perfect. 

My super old boyfriend jeans is currently getting something like my best friend, there are very less days when I am not wearing them with any kind of shirts and sandals. Also these shoes are getting more and more my favorite basic, during the past week I don't think I haven't worn any other shoes, maybe just one day my new Espandrilles (they are glittering!). 

As you see, my taste and style are changing 24/7, I swear, in about three weeks, I will just sit there and think, oh my gosh, why haven't I worn this pretty white lace dress or this suede skirt with this or that. But since my learning sessions are getting more demanding and harder all the time (I am learning way to less, I have no idea how I will get these exams.. heeeeelp) I tend to just grab anything from my messy closet and throw it on. 
By the way, do you want to know a big plus point of a messy closet? I recently found my cat in it! She normally hates me, but since half of my stuff is lying around on the floor, she likes to sleep on these cloth mountains. So, I am pretty sure my closet will stay messy. Because I want this cat to stay! #CatContent for real. 

I was wearing:

Black Silk Button Up Shirt: ZARA
Light Boyfriend Denim Jeans: CHEAP MONDAY
Big Black Leather Clutch: AMERICAN APPAREL
Red Sunglasses: MANGO
Block Heeled Sandals: AND OTHER STORIES
Black Leather Belt: DAN AZAN
Gold and Silver Jewels: AND OTHER STORIES