Summer Time Freeze

It's like a tradition in Central Europe that at the height of the summer months we suddenly a cold front is coming over us, the temperatures change from +30 to +16 degrees in about 2 days and one week later, we are back to +30. Last week, one of these freezing moments happened. I chose some boots, better, overknee boots, and tights, and a jumper. It was seriously cold. 

I still tried to make it look like a summer outfit, with my super old midi skirt, which had it's very first use, because I never really found a good occasion to wear it. But the more I looked at it, the more I had the feeling it would be the perfect piece to give this day a little sunny breeze, even more when paired with my tiny Mini Bag. 

After this was already happening last week, we are now officially back at the +30 degrees, and even a little bit more this time. All Vienna is literally sweating their buts off and nobody really wants to move just one centimeter. And in the next days coming, it will even got hotter! As you may imagine, I absolutely have no idea what to wear when I am going out, even a bikini would seem to be too much. And don't mention the fact that I will be in Italy from Thursday on... 
So guys, enjoy the last hours of your Sunday, of this week and of this super hot day! 

I was wearing:

Grey Glitter Jumper: RENA MARX
Colorful Midi Skirt: ZARA
Black Suede Overknees: STUART WEITZMANN
Crossbody Mini Bag: FURLA