Summer Dress 1.0

I am back! Not just back working here, also back on Instagram. The last week was pretty crazy, with one prom ball, my 19th birthday and part one of my exams yesterday, I haven't slept like two weeks in a row. At least I do feel like that. 

So, I will tell you more about the last week soon, maybe there will also be some belated pictures from my birthday, we seriously didn't take a single one, not even with our iPhones! 
Here is my first kind of a summer look, with one of my new favorite summer dresses! It's somewhat boho, but with a really elegant twist, Zara just knows how to do these things. The denim jacket is having it's biggest comeback since the 1970s right now, so it couldn't miss a chance either. 
And then, joining in is my love, my espadrilles-bag-romance, which is like the most awesome find since my -75% Burberry leather jacket. 

I was wearing:

Light Blue Denim Jeans: BLUES DENIM
Black and White Boho Summer Dress: ZARA
Dark Blue Glitter Espadrilles: SUN Z SHOES
Dark Blue Glitter Cross Body Bag: ZARA