Striped Venice

Venice again... I know, another very old outfit, but, there are still so many beautiful pictures, places and stories I would like to share with all of you! And I promise, I am already planning tons of new content for the next weeks with no traveling (too bad...) and just outfits, fashion and big news! 

But right now we are having a bit of a relapse to our Italy summer trip, that was - I just admitted it one hundred times or so - kind of insane. How should I put it: Milan and Venice in five days, so many Insalate Caprese, Gelati (even if had way to less Gelati, just saying) and, Art, Art, Art. That day we visited another small but mighty art highlight in the hometown of pizza and pasta, but, more of this later. The whole day we were strolling through the really tiny streets of Venice, sometimes getting lost in all of the orange, red, yellow, turquoise houses.. The color scheme is endless! We tried to keep away as far as possible from the normal tourist spots, we had already seen them enough, but the real Venice, the hidden streets with the real inhabitants life are offering the most amazing places. 

Everyday in Italy I was wearing a hat, an absolute must in summer, it's not only one of the best fashion accessories, it's also saving me from the worst heat attacks and sunstrokes I am really prone for. This time I borrowed the white and blue one from my dear Kathy, in total with her hat, I had three different colors to choose, because my mom, Kathy and I all bought the same hat in different colors at the same little tourist shop. 
Another highlight for me, the dress. It's seriously one of my favorites this season, it's super perfect for the heat because it gives you the feeling of wearing nothing. I always had a weakness for shirt dresses but never found one that I really liked - until now. 

I was wearing:

Striped Long Dress-Shirt with Belt: BIK BOK
Black Little Bucket Bag: MCM
Black Sandals: BOSS