Silver for the Two

TWO YEARS COUTURE DEPARTMENT! I MADE IT! No, WE MADE IT! Seriously guys, you can't imagine the feeling when your little baby already turns two. I am sitting here like a proud mom, watching how my site changed through the last two years, how my style changed, the quality of everything improved about hundred percent and I have at least three new ideas per day. 

I know, I am still doing way to less on my blog, I should be posting something every single day, but it's really a lot of work, and since I am getting a perfectionist on every little word and detail, it's taking rather long until I am able to publish these posts on my blog. And although it's work, I can't imagine to live without doing this now, it's like my personality, I put everything I have into this website, every little piece of happiness and love I can find in myself are going directly into this big project. 

And I am so thankful for all your support! Reading your comments, messages, and even following back some of you means so much for me. It's like a little universe where everything is just about love and fashion and style and beautiful sunsets. I can't even find acceptable words to describe my feelings! 

So, for this post I wanted to have something special, there have been a million ideas in my head, from light chains everywhere to candles, but in the end, it was just, why not one of these amazing sunsets on our rooftop? And yes, that was exactly the thing I was looking for, for these silver balloons (hello, how amazing are these, gonna shop foil balloons now like 24/7 since I know where to get them), the mix of the old and new in my closet with this gorgeous and still so amazing H&M skirt. Just everything. 

Thank you guys, for the last two years, for the next years, for just everything.

I was wearing: 

Pastel Midi Fringe Pencil Skirt: H&M CONSCIOUS EXCLUSIVE
Silver Top: ZARA
Green Sandals: ZARA